Scholarship Requirements

The Somaliland ministry of education and higher education request many institute to provide free scholarships in order to promote education to the younger generation. Educating the younger generation is our top priority as they are the leaders of tomorrow. 

We, Addis Ababa Medical University College, have a duty as a higher institute of education to cater to our community; thus we offer limited amount of scholarships on a yearly basis consider those students meet our requirements. 

Firstly, we offer scholarships to students that have graduated from secondary school with outstanding grades, usually top of their class or school. Those students with exceptional results from their secondary school results are more than welcome to attend our university on a scholarship; however they will need to take an entrance exam upon registration.

We also provide scholarships to those students who cannot afford to pay for their full education. We want students from all backgrounds to attend our institute and do not discriminate based on wealth, clan or even ethnicity. 

All students are welcome to apply for scholarships however they must meet certain requirements. For further information contact our registrar office. 
Upon receiving a scholarship, the selected students must agree to follow certain conditions such as:

  • Must attend all classes assigned to them
  • Must maintain a high GPA grade
  • Must obey the rules of AAMUC
  • If some of the tuition fee is required, must be paid on time
  • Should pass the entrance exam
  • Should be approved by the scholar committee