Addis-Ababa Medical University College Hargeisa Campus (AAMUC-H)

Addis-Ababa Medical University College (AAMUC-H) Hargeisa Campus was founded in October 2008; since then we have held 7 graduation ceremonies and are on course for an 8th this August. Over 500 students have graduated from our Institute alone as we look to continue our progress and aim to be the leading health science pioneers in Somaliland.

Our main campus is located in the city of Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia; the institution operates in five major branches across Ethiopia and Somaliland, Namely Hawasa Ziway, Nasaret, Dire-Dawa, Addis Ababa and here in Hargeisa. In all its campuses across Ethiopia and newly launched campus in 2008- Hargeisa Somaliland, has more than 5000 students and alumni in various department’s namely Public health, clinical Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Medical  Laboratory, ICT and as of recently Business. Although our campus in Hargeisa focuses on three faculties, Public Health, Midwifery & Clinical nursing we aim to open a few more in the near future.

Our campus in Hargeisa offers students access to a vast majority of books in the library as well as eBooks for our students to do research with and gain general knowledge. Our new and improved IT facility equipped with Wi-Fi gives students the chance to use on demand for assignments and research. Each classroom is furnished with multiple singular desk, our largest classroom can facilitate up to 65 students. We believe in a safe environment which is why we have added CCTV on every floor as well as outside the campus. 

All eligible academic programs maintain accreditation by the appropriate specialized accrediting bodies, namely, the HERQA (Higher Education Relevant and quality Agency of Ethiopia), the Ministry of Education and higher, Ministry of Health – Somaliland and Ministry of education of Ethiopia,   to award a Baccalaureate level and TVET section of ministry of education of Ethiopia.

AAMUC-H is also a member of the Ethiopian private higher educational institutions association, and become a center of educational excellence. Our research program at the end of the 3 year tenure is in a league of its own as we provide our students the opportunity to use their knowledge to produce a research thesis and present their findings to our respected lecturers. laid on the firm bedrock of education, information and investment. AAMUC-H helps both Somaliland and Ethiopian youths build a strong career by shaping their gained knowledge and using it in real life situation thus producing a solid enduring future.