Education is the backbone of society; it helps develop the nation economically, socially, politically and culturally. Educational preparation of nurses at degree level contributes primarily towards the health needs of the community.

BSc in Nursing

Education is the key of all progress and achievement  of any sector, like ways educational preparation  of  nurses  at higher  institutional  baccalaureate level,  who  contribute primarily towards the health need of the community is forefront agenda. Nursing training has been given indifferent governmental and non-governmental institutions for few years. However, the training lacks basic contents and relevant courses.  It also has contained repetitive and fragmented learning that avoids the facilitation and integration of principles from the natural, social, public health and medical sciences into nursing practice. Most of the contents in nursing education were not related to problem solving, student centered as well as not based on mastery of competency.


The new health policy gives high importance to the provision of essential and appropriate health care to the people of Somaliland. It has adapted to primary health care. This is global strategy in order to bring all people in the nation closer to the goal of better access to the means of achieving healthy life. Successful implementation of health services to the grass root level is highly dependent on availability and deployment of adequately trained health professionals. But this cannot be accomplished by government institutions alone. By taking into consideration of high need of higher education in Somaliland, and neighboring areas, Addis Ababa Medical University College, Hargeisa Campus was established in October 2007. Addis Ababa medical University College is accredited both in Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Graduation Requirement


Graduation requirement will be according to the Addis Ababa Medical University College rule and regulation. Thus, a student enrolled in t