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Midwifery B.Sc. program is originated in response to the need of the country which is community oriented, competent as well as gender sensitive.
The need of midwife’s in the health care system is cannot keep up with the demand for them; Thus we train our students to graduate level via our syllabus to not only teach them theory but also prepare them in practical field work. Focusing on the need of generic leaders, the goal of the program is to provide a positive and supportive learning environment, preparing the professional midwives in the art and science of midwifery, meeting the social need for safe and competent midwives.

Objectives of the program

  • On successful completion of the program, the qualified midwives will be able to:
  • Have the necessary knowledge from social sciences, public health and ethics that form the basis of high quality, culturally relevant as well as appropriate care for women, newborns and families;
  • Enhance professional midwives that expertise the application of knowledge, attitude and skills
  • Enable midwives to pursue actively the promotion of high quality, cost effective &efficient service for women &their families.
  • Utilize effective relevant research to guide, inform, underpin practice & participate in the research process.
  • To collaborate with agencies and other health care professionals for the benefit of women and their families
  • Enhance the standard of education and practices that are related to midwives
  • Train other health professional and auxiliary workers in their field of study
  • Assess  common child hood illnesses and manage in the context of IMNCI
  • Enable learners to assess growth and development , nutritional and psychosocial needs of children at different age and manage accordingly
  • Enable to demonstrate leadership qualities and decision making abilities in various situations
  • Demonstrate skills in teaching , managing, interpersonal relations and communication
  • Enable learners to diagnose, manage and treat mothers based on obstetric technology
  • Enable to engage in prevention,  supportive and care provision  activities of HIV/AIDS
  • Enable to Provide counseling on FP , infant feeding and other related services
  • Practice standard infection prevention techniques