Public Health

Monday October 01, 2018 - 17:39:01
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Attainment of optimum health is the desire of every individual. Health of the society is an index of the level of development of a country. The achievement of a country in preventing disease and promoting health depends upon the contribution of all members of the general health system.
Education is the key to all progress and achievement. It contributes directly towards the health of the community that needs constant attention keeping in mind the ever changing health needs of the society. 

The number of Public health officials in the country is still at a level that does not meet the health need of the population. Public health training is being conducted in a few universities, besides the annual output in this case our graduates, these professionally trained individuals are insufficient to satisfy the demand of the population. Hence, the expansion of public health training program is needed in a short period of time to meet the health need of the population.

This curriculum is designed to help for the training of both generic and post basic public health individuals. It is organized in line with the new educational policy of the country. The curriculum has incorporated problem based and task oriented teaching and learning mechanisms to prepare the graduates to fully undertake the responsibility to execute the curative, preventive and rehabilitation of the health system. It is strongly believed that training of public health students using this curriculum will greatly assist implementation of SDGs thereby bringing rapid improvement in the prevailing health situation of the country.

  • To educate public health graduates equipped with exceptional public health knowledge and skills
  • To perform public health researches and development activities
  • To enhance the excellence of public health education and practice in Somaliland
  • Plan, organize and analyze vital statistics from communities and disseminate health information to district health graduates and the population
  • To educate public health professional equipped with outstanding public knowledge , practice skills, research and leadership abilities at undergraduate degree level 
  • To carry out research activities in all areas of public health
  • To undertake public health practice development activities in collaboration with the health care institutions and other health sector professionals
  • To produce competent and ethical public health workers who can discharge their various professional duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently in different public health sectors.
  • To produce public health graduates who are concerned and compassionate to the patient and their customer and respect people believes views, background and religion.
  • To mobilize individuals , families and communities in activities that promote health and prevents health problems
  • To produce practice-based training so that health graduates acquire problem solving skills
  • To produce high level health graduates personnel who can undertake all the responsibilities stated under the profile of the graduate stated below.