Student Attendance Policy


1. All students are expected to maintain excellent attendance in all classes. In the first instance any absence will be considered as ‘unauthorized’. Absence will only be authorized provided the student has completed a ‘Self-Certification form’, and has provided supporting evidence and the reason for absence conforms to the categories highlighted in the table overleaf.

2. It is the students’ responsibility to seek prior approval for absence from their instructor. In all circumstances the student must complete the ‘Self-Certification form’ either in advance or on the first day of returning to University.

3. All ‘Self-Certification forms’ must be supported by a hand written letter. Completed forms together with supporting evidence must be presented to the instructor. After this day the student will be unable to self-certify their absence.


Authorized Absence

Only the following categories may be counted as authorized absence:

·Any student who is absent from University but is taking part in a University residential, education visit organized by the University, attending a University examination, on work experience or undertaking self-study will be marked as University Trip, Exam, Work Experience or Self Study Medical appointment that cannot be arranged outside class time, this must be notified in advance. Evidence such as an appointment card or letter will be required to authorize this absence. Emergency medical/dental appointment. Evidence such as an appointment card or letter will be required to authorize this absence.

·Care of a family member for whom the student has caring responsibilities if notified in advance

·A religious holiday if notified in advance

·Jury service

·Attendance at a family funeral if notified in advance

·University visit or career/job interview if notified in advance

·Representing the University or self at a regional/national level in a sporting event if notified in advance. Proof of selection will be required.

·Attendance at a probation meeting or court if notified in advance

·Driving test if notified in advance (copy of the test letter will be required)


Academic Progression

1. Students must have a minimum attendance of 85% and have completed all their assignments to be guaranteed progression to the next semester.

2. Where students have not satisfied this requirement, in all cases the student will be required to attend a progress interview with the instructor to discuss any attendance/commitment to study concerns. After this meeting the instructor will make a recommendation to the Academic dean who will have the final decision.

3. Students achieving less than 90% attendance will have to pay for all their examination fees.

4. Students will be deemed to have left the course if they have not attended classes for four consecutive weeks.



Students are expected to arrive promptly for all classes. Students who arrive more than ten minutes after the start of a lesson will be marked with an unauthorized absence. If there is a valid reason for lateness then this will be considered by the subject lecturer who will decide whether the student will be recorded as being unauthorized absent.

Persistent lateness will be referred to the student dean who will deal with the issue through the University Disciplinary Process.



Students who wish to appeal against a decision regarding attendance may do so in writing to the Vice Principal within ten days of the notification of decision.


Self-Certification Forms

Students can obtain these forms from the office of student Dean.